What we are doing 

As we continue to live, struggle, and love our neighbour as followers of Christ in the midst of this global pandemic, Emmanuel continues to strive to extend God’s welcome in a local and embodied way.   Please take a moment to read the below, and consider how you may be able to help.   We continue to appreciate that anything we do is only possible through your prayers, your time, and your financial contributions.  

Online worship 

Join us online for worship  


How?  A few options:

1.  Facebook: Go to our Facebook page on Sunday morning.

2.  Email: If you are on our email list, you will receive an email on Sunday morning with a direct link to the online worship service.

3.  Shalem feed: If you live at Shalem, you can watch on your TV through the Shalem feed.

4.  Website: links to the online worship will be on our website homepage.


     We will be OPEN again soon! On July 29th Full Council approved the safety protocol developed by the adhoc committee and Admin council and approved a targeted relaunch date for in person worship services starting August 23rd.  Developing our safety protocol has been an extensive, deliberate and collaborative approach between Admin council, the appointed adhoc committee,  stakeholder groups consisting of worship, tech, pastors, ushers, janitorial, and office administration, and ultimately discussed and approved by Full Council. This extensive approach was deemed necessary to ensure the safety of our congregants, community and facility users, which has always been our top priority. While we will be offering the opportunity to worship together in person beginning August 23, these worship services will look very different from the ones before COVID struck and forced us to close.  We want to prepare you for the changes that you can expect to see when you return. 


  • Masks will be mandatory for all church attendees as church worship services are a public gathering subject to the city of Calgary bylaw making masks mandatory for public gatherings beginning August 1st.


  • Physical distancing of 6’ minimum is a requirement, so ushers will be seating you and our maximum seating capacity is now 75 people. 


  • Online pre-registration will be a requirement to ensure we don’t exceed capacity, as well as allow for “walk in” attendees who haven’t pre-registered if space allows, all the while making us comply with Alberta Health and Safety should social tracing ever become required. Council will be monitoring this registration system over time to ensure that everyone who wants to attend these services will be accommodated, and look at other methods should the demand prove more than our capacity for 1 service. 


  • Sunday School is available for 10 children, ages 3-grade 2 (registration required).  The nursery is available as a parents room.  

  • Congregational singing is permitted while wearing a mask.

  • There will be no opportunity for coffee fellowship in the church after the service. 


     We understand that this regimented approach will be too restrictive for some who will choose not to return at this time.  We also understand that others, despite our best efforts to ensure your safety, will feel this is not a risk worth taking.  Accordingly, we will continue to offer the online worship services alongside of the in person worship experience for the foreseeable future to accommodate as many as possible in where they are at. And we recognize that some will welcome this modified approach to worship, and despite it being different and smaller and more restricted, it will provide a meaningful opportunity to commune together, something that’s been taken away from us by COVID.  August 23rd will mark the first time in 24 weeks since we last worshipped together in person at Emmanuel!  There is still much work to be done to make that happen! Please see the bulletin for specific task volunteers that are required or call the church office to volunteer. Council appreciates the support, input, prayers and grace extended to us during this time of developing a safe protocol for relaunch of church activities.  


     Now that in person worship services have been approved, we will continue to plan for the expanded use of our facilities for groups such as Bible Studies, GEMS and Cadets, Youth, Seniors and many more.  These will be part of our Phase 2 relaunch of the church, the timing of which is yet to be determined and will be influenced in part by the success of our Phase 1 relaunch. 


     We look forward to seeing many of you back in church soon!


We realize and appreciate that you may be doing so much already, and are likely overwhelmed.  We also realize and appreciate that some of you are wondering ‘how can I help?’   Below are some options.


During this time in which households are negotiating different routines, we encourage you – if you haven’t already - to make prayer a priority.  We are sending out a daily devotional - if you are not receiving these, but would like to, please let us know by emailing  If you use a different devotional, or have your own rhythm of prayer that is working well for you, simply disregard this email.  In any case, however, we do encourage you to make prayer a priority.

Drop off food for the Food Pantry:  We are need of food donations such as coffee, condiments, tea, and grocery bags. These items can be dropped off outside of the glass doors in the designated box by August 11.  

Volunteer for the Food Pantry:  on August 11: we are looking for volunteers to put together food hampers, so that we can safely distribute.   If you are younger than 60 years old, healthy, and have not been out of the country in the past two weeks, please consider helping.  Let us know us know by emailing  and put in the subject line “food pantry”.

Drop off food for the Sandwich Ministry: Currently we are looking for donations of canned tomatoes (including sauce, soup and paste) and small bags of sugar. These items can be dropped off outside the glass doors in the designated box by April 6th.  

Love your Neighbour:  Leave a note on the door with your phone number asking if there is anything you can pick up or drop off for them (particularly if they are senior and/or immunocompromised). Leave some food or flowers on the doorstep of a friend or neighbour or make a card for someone in the church and send it to their home address.

Give online: as mentioned above, so much of what we are striving to do is only possible because of your generous giving.  Please consider giving by going to our website, using the GIVE extension on the Bridge app, or inquiring about automatic deposits.  Thank you.