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Extending God's Welcome


“Jesus, teach us to pray,” asked the disciples.  And Jesus responded with what we now call, “The Lord’s Prayer.”  It seems Jesus wants first and foremost for our imaginations to be captured by the world God wants, and for our trust to be fastened to God bringing this world near.  The heart of Jesus’ prayer is: may it be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Jesus gives us a model of prayer that creates in us a longing for personal and social transformation that aligns to the sure and future fusion of heaven and earth.  It’s a prayer that centres our longing for transformation within a deep trust that God will bring all things to completion.    In the words of Roy Berkenbosch, the Lord’s Prayer calls us to "rattle heaven’s doors using Christ’s own words—in search of justice that neither starts nor stops far from home.”

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We are hiring....

Come join our growing team as Worship Director at Emmanuel CRC in Calgary, Alberta.  We have built in some flexibility to our search, open to hiring anywhere between 50% and 100% FTE, depending on range of skill set and interests.

To ask questions about this, indicate interest,  and/or begin a conversation, please email     

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3020 51 Street SW
Calgary, AB  T3E 6S7

phone: 403.246.0795

* revised office hours are:
Tuesdays - Friday 9 am- 1 pm

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