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THE BIBLE AND SAME SEX: This sermon series will look closely at particular Bible passages that seem to have direct implications upon how Christians ought to view ‘same sex relationships’, recognizing that not all Christians agree on how to read these texts. The sermons will first focus on the ‘good news’ of the text, highlighting hoped-for gospel agreement, before describing the different interpretative approaches taken that lead to different conclusions regarding whether or not to affirm same sex marriages. These sermons will be offered every other week, beginning May 15th, and concluding June 26th.


Evening Conversations: two views in dialogue: The congregation will be invited back to the church building in the evenings of May 29th and June 26th to hear dialogue between two people: one who reads the Bible as affirming same sex marriage; and one who reads the Bible as not affirming same sex marriage.  The conversation will be focused on the particular Bible passages that have been preached thus far in the series (May 29 will focus on Genesis 2; June 26th, on Leviticus and Romans).  The conversation will be moderated by Pastor Dan, and those who attend will be given the opportunity to ask questions.


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