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Advent: Then and Now

Advent is neither a nostalgic longing for a past that has been lost, nor a naive fixation on a utopia that remains always out of reach.  Rather, by looking back at what God has already done,  and looking ahead at what God has promised yet to do, Advent roots us deeper in the assurance that God is with us - even here, even now.  


This year we hope to encourage the imagination of our future, by asking several questions concerning the “second advent of Christ.”    We trust that by putting substance to the details of the ‘who-what-how-where-why’ of the future, we will become more fully alive with eager anticipation - the kind of anticipation that changes how we live today. 


December 1:  Who is coming? -  Cari

December 8: When is he coming? - Dan

December 15: How is he coming? - Dan

December 22: Where is he coming? - Dan

December 25: Why is he coming? - Dan

Next Food Pantry

December 11 , 2019

9 - 11am

Join us for our annual Christmas Family event happening soon!

We will begin with a family craft project, have a festive snack and end the evening with a Christmas movie together in the sanctuary.


Next Community Dinner

Friday, December 13th at 6pm

 What if our darkest conflicts become the places where the gospel shines most brightly?  Our ability to handle tough issues well is limited by our lack of deep formation into the character of Christ. 

The Colossian forum takes our division over challenging issues as an opportunity to grow deeply into the image of Jesus. We can take the next steps right here and right now, right in the middle of our divisions.  

The goal of The Colossian Way is less to resolve a specific issue once and for all, and more to build a capacity for working on important questions in a way that reflects faithful obedience to Christ.


 Please express your interest in participating in this group in one of the following ways: signing up at the welcome desk; google registration form on website, emailing the church office, or speaking with Dan Roukema. 

worship services every Sunday at 10:00am
phone: 403.246.0795
email: office@emmanuelcrc.org
Pastor Dan: danroukema@emmanuelcrc.org
Pastor Cari: cari@emmanuelcrc.org

Office hours are:
Tuesdays 12pm - 4pm      
Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays 9am - 4pm

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