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Our Vision
Extending God's Welcome.

Our Mission

God welcomes us through Jesus, and the Holy Spirit empowers us to respond by:

REACHING UP to worship God; 

REACHING OUT with love to our neighbours; 

REACHING ACROSS to embrace our unity in Christ; 

REACHING IN to be formed by faith. 

Our Values


Gathering to Worship

We value Sunday worship gatherings that intentionally tell the Gospel story through words, song and prayer - drawing upon the gifts of our members, the riches of tradition, and the fresh voices of today.

Preaching Jesus

We value preaching that is rooted in, and shaped by, the biblical story, believing the entire Bible is authoritative in pointing to our salvation in Jesus. 

Becoming like Jesus

We value commitment to the ongoing journey of being shaped into the likeness of Jesus, believing this is the primary work of the Holy Spirit within us. 

Loving our Neighbour

We value turning toward our neighbour in love and seeking justice for all people, believing this reflects true Christian faith.

Embracing Diversity 

We value the unity we have in Christ, along with the related responsibility to respect the diversity of persons and thought.

Enfolding all Generations

We value all generations actively participating in the life of our local church, believing that everyone’s life experience and story enriches us all.

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